Frequently asked questions - Technical

You’ve got questions about forms2 and we’ve got answers! Here are some frequently asked questions our team members have put together to help you understand a little more about what we do here.

Yes. You can also connect your Microsoft Azure SQL enterprise data to your forms2 data sources using our built-in Azure SQL integration.

Yes. forms2 is designed to scale with you when you need it most. Enjoy unlimited storage for photos, video and audio, unlimited data entries for premium users, an unlimited number of fields on your screens, unlimited form connectors as well as multi-step REST connectors, delay triggers and conditional logic for building complex, multi-platform, multi-stage workflows. We add additional capacity automatically and on-demand, without you ever needing to think about it. You’re free to submit 10 entries per day to 10,000 entries per second – your apps are ready to evolve when you are.

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Yes. You can create additional sub environments, Organisational Units (OUs) and Business Units within your forms2 account to keep the right teams on track. Organise users, specific business apps and screens by department and use data segmentation to keep teams focused on the information they need. This functionality is part of our Enterprise Tool kit Bolt-On

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We have 5 different types of screens including a Form screen, Listing Screen, Detail Screen, Icon Board Screen and Mapping screen. You can have as many of these as you want within our platform. Use them individually or build complex apps and workflows using a variety of interconnected screens.

We offer unlimited connectors across all of your forms, app screens, and tasks. We’ve designed our platform so you can integrate the forms2 mobile forms and app with services you already use like SharePoint, Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite), MS Azure, Salesforce and Oracle NetSuite. You can also configure REST connectors to pull in data from any external API using JSON or XML and connect to on-site SQL Servers via our SQL Sync bolt-on.

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A user (account) is an individual that will need access to the forms2 builder or mobile apps. Each named user requires their own email address to log in with. This allows you to set permissions, control security and data privacy, and helps with traceability and accountability.

Each named user requires a license as this determines the feature set and connectors that are available to them. As all our mobile apps are available for offline use, a license and user account is required to ensure any long term offline users are able to sync their data once they are back online.

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