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10 Ways Mobile BI Could Save Your Worker’s Life

Written by Lee Glynn
March 9, 2023
10 Ways Mobile BI Could Save Your Worker's Life


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More than just charts and fancy infographics – access to Mobile BI could mean the difference between life or death

If you’re familiar with mobile business intelligence, you’re likely already switched on to the benefits of having all your data to hand, ideally in one dashboard using a low-code/no-code business app builder.

But did you know that data can potentially save your workers lives?

Unfortunately, big businesses, especially those where safety is involved seem to be dragging their heels when it comes to collating, analysing and sharing critical data with employees that need it most. Like those who work in dangerous situations, around electricity or at heights.

Your peers in E-commerce are involved in Mobile BI, finance is involved and even real estate and facility management companies are sectors seeing the benefits of digital transformation. We know this because we help them build business apps and mobile forms.

The Mobile Business Intelligence market is expected to see a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22.43%, between 2021 to 2026. In basic terms, this means Mobile BI use is expected to grow at a rate of 22.43% per year for the next 3 years. This growth rate is likely to be driven by the increasing use of mobile devices for business and the growing need for real-time access to business data that is actually useful! But, what was once mainly used for financial forecasting, designing infographics and charts and performance scorecards, can now save lives.*

This includes construction, safety and telecoms. Not just IT companies.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

You’re using data systems, but are you using them in a way that keeps your workers safe?

  1. Are you leveraging Mobile BI from multiple sources, drawing them into one place so your engineers know where to dig, safe from power lines, what the weather is going to be and what PPE to bring in case of emergency?
  2. Are your lone workers in the welding and construction industry using data from mobile forms to find out which chemicals have been used before arcing up?
  3. And are your team members sending them push notifications with Lone Worker Protection alerts and weather updates to ensure they’re safe on top of that grain silo?


Well, you’re going to want to read this.

Here are 10 Ways Mobile BI Could Save Your Worker’s Life and drastically impact decision making

The following examples of Mobile BI that can save lives are:

  • Lone Worker Protection
  • Geo-targeted Weather Data
  • Fleet Management
  • Site Safety
  • Resource Management
  • Emergency Response
  • Quality Control
  • Time Management
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Facility management: electronics/hazards etc

Workplace coordinators are quickly becoming the fastest-growing jobs in 2023. If you are a workplace coordinator, It’s your job to keep your workers safe.

Access to accurate data helps you do that.

Connecting Mobile BI from multiple streams in one dashboard saves time by providing all suitable data from multiple sources in one place.

Let’s look closer.

1. Lone Worker Protection

With mobile BI apps for Lone Worker Protection, you can track your employees in real-time, even if they’re out in the middle of nowhere. Send push notifications to their mobile device for proof of life, alert them to weather changes via API, and create 5-minute alerts that they MUST respond to otherwise someone is notified. That way, if something goes wrong, you’ll know about it ASAP and can send help.

Mobile BI can help ensure worker safety and quickly alert management or emergency responders in case of an incident.

forms2 lone worker protection form example
forms2 Lone Worker Protection form example

We cover in detail why you need lone worker protection apps here.

2. Geo-targeted Weather Data

Mobile BI apps for geo-targeted weather data can provide real-time weather data to workers in the field, allowing them to make informed decisions about their safety and the safety of their equipment.

Imagine you’re a construction worker up 50 feet in the air (or higher!) and you have no idea that a storm is headed your way. With mobile BI, you’ll know about it in real-time via push notifications that you set up and can take steps to protect yourself and your equipment.

3. Fleet Management

Again, real-time tracking is handy here. Mobile BI apps for fleet management can provide real-time location tracking and monitoring of vehicles, allowing fleet managers to optimize routes, find safer routes if possible, reduce fuel consumption, and ensure the safety of drivers by alerting them of dangerous terrain, weather or hazardous chemicals they’re carrying so they don’t go over speed bumps too fast!

4. Emergency Response Teams On-Site

Emergency Response is another area where mobile BI can make a huge difference.

When you’re responding to emergencies, you need all the data …NOW. Mobile BI can provide real-time data to emergency responders, enabling them to make the right decisions when needed most. In a natural disaster, for example, mobile BI can give emergency responders real-time data on the location and severity of the incident, potential hazards in terrain, and injuries so they can prioritise their efforts and save lives.


5. Site Safety

Mobile BI helps with site safety. We know this as we help residential and commercial construction industry enterprises build site-safety construction mobile forms and apps every day.

Put simply: Mobile BI apps built with forms2 can save lives and prevent injury.

In the construction industry, mobile BI can provide real-time data on-site safety, previous incidents, tools, hazardous gasses, previous issues and more, including weather conditions, potential hazards, and the location of workers around you – ideal if you’re using pressurised machinery like nail guns or forklifts. This can help ensure the safety of workers and streamline the efficiency of construction projects as everyone knows what they’re doing, who’s doing it and what machinery and hazards are around

6. Resource Management

I know what you’re thinking. “Why does resource management save lives?”

Here’s an example.

Let’s say you’re a conscientious employee working in a warehouse. You don’t know whether the forklift is available, so you decide to use a ladder to reach the top shelves as time is against you. You climb the ladder, fall and get injured.

If you knew the warehouse schedule or had access to resource inventory on your device you would know the forklift was available and you wouldn’t have to use the ladder.

I know this happens because I’ve seen it first-hand from working in a warehouse!

Good resource management through mobile BI business apps, especially in warehouse facility management and the telecoms installation industry helps provide real-time data on the location and availability of resources, including equipment, vehicles, and personnel.

If you’re about to dig a new telecoms installation pit, you’ll want to know that there’s an earthmover available rather than a shovel… Mobile BI can help you find out what resources are available to you when you build a mobile business app correctly. (want to know how? We can help you build a business app for less than 0.50 pence a day! ).

7. Quality Control

Managers and supervisors (although they’d want to) can’t be everywhere all at once to keep workers safe.

Mobile BI pulled into your low-code/no-code mobile business app can give you data on the quality of work being done on a construction site or telecoms installation. This can help managers identify issues early and take corrective action to improve the quality of the final product if they notice that someone hasn’t installed something correctly, failed to test or hasn’t followed safe procedures, logging them through mobile forms with image confirmation.

8. Time Management

Again, another lifesaver can be time management.

Let’s say you have a team of engineers working on a railroad. You may need them to complete a job in a specific amount of time before the train pulls through. By pulling train schedules into your Mobile BI business app, you can alert workers of the minutes they have remaining before the next express train to Leeds flies through. Workers have a set time to complete a repair. They can then accept or deny the job based on train times in their mobile business app.

By using Mobile BI, managers can identify work delays early and take corrective action to ensure projects are completed on time and their workers are kept safe. Using Mobile BI also helps you make more money by keeping the project on track!

9. Compliance Monitoring

Compliance with industry regulations and safety standards in the construction and telecoms installation industries is vital to the success of your business and the safety of your workers.

Access to the latest data, safety compliance procedures and even recommended PPE or first aid procedures when handling certain chemicals can help save lives. But you need access to that data first!

By connecting your Mobile BI through a business app, managers can identify potential compliance issues early, take action to ensure compliance and avoid costly fines and get confirmation via images or signatures that workers are operating safely, with compliance at all times.

forms2 compliance safety form example
forms2 Compliance Monitor form example

10. Facility management

Mobile Business Intelligence (BI) can provide facility managers with real-time access to important data, which can help them prevent accidents and hazards in the facilities they manage, thus potentially saving lives.

For example, providing real-time data on the status of electrical systems in apartments, historical data on gas leaks, if there’s a dangerous dog on site or the condition of damaged facilities is so poor it needs PPE to enter it can help alert you to potential risks. Furthermore, you can take steps to prevent future incidents, such as warning people of the danger of terrain e.g. a loose floorboard or hole in the site floor.

And that’s just one of many benefits of using a facility management app!

In conclusion

Overall, the best Mobile BI analytics solutions are just one part of the puzzle.

Collecting the most useful data from multiple sources helps business owners make informed decisions that can ultimately protect their workers, visitors and assets.

Best of all, you build the app yourself, quickly and easily. Foregoing any expensive developer costs as low-code/no-code is a LOT cheaper than traditional development.

Speak to us today about leveraging your multiple Mobile BI data streams and creating a mobile business app that works for you and keeps your workers safer.

14-day trial. No Fee. No obligation. Try today.

*Disclaimer: Not to be used in life-critical situations.

Some quick Mobile BI FAQ’s

Which industry is BI most commonly used?

Business intelligence software benefits any organisation with multiple data streams. The sectors that benefit most from business intelligence software are the e-commerce, retail and fashion industry, telecommunication industry, facility management, and franchise industries as all data can be segmented, distributed and used for better business decisions.

What is mobile business intelligence with example?

Mobile business intelligence is the transfer of business intelligence data from the desktop to mobile devices such as Android, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, and iPhone. The ability to access analytics and data on mobile devices or tablets rather than desktop computers is referred to as mobile business intelligence. An example of this is the hospitality industry using it to capture guest intake and cross-reference with check-in/check-out times with the housekeeping schedules. Our client, The European Camping Group did just that and saved over £250,000 per year.

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